Our Furniture Selection in Wauseon, OH

furniture selection in our store

Furniture is one of the core essentials in any home. Having furniture that’s comfortable, durable and conducive to your room’s environment means being able to enjoy your home each and every day. Grieser Interiors wants to help make sure your home is outfitted with the very best furniture possible! More than any other furniture store in Wauseon, OH, we’ll consult with you to determine what works and what doesn’t in your home.

Our selection of living room and bedroom furniture in Wauseon, OH is expansive, encapsulating all of the most important pieces you need to enjoy your time at home. When you visit us for interior design advice, you’ll be exposed to:

  • Living room furniture: We have a tremendous selection of sofas, chairs, lift chairs, love seats, recliners and more for you to choose from. Our styles maximize comfort and luxury, so you have furnishings that look and feel great in your central living space.
  • Bedroom furniture: Come to us for complete bed sets (frames and mattress), as well as all of the individual furnishings your bedroom needs to be a private, comfortable area. We’ll assist you in finding dressers, night tables, bedframes and more, conducive to your ideal bedroom.
  • Lamps and end tables: Sometimes the smallest furnishings are the most powerful! Come to us for lamps and end tables, among other small furniture pieces that are critical for completing the look and feel of a room.

We’re more than just another chair and couch store in Wauseon, OH—we’re the premier destination for tasteful furnishings for every room of your home.

Furniture delivery

Worried about how you’re going to get your new furniture home after you pick it out? Don’t be! We offer furniture delivery to customers within 50 miles of our location, to take the hassle out of enjoying your home’s beautiful furnishings.

Shop for furniture with us

If the time has come to outfit your home with new furniture, don’t piece together any old options! Instead, approach furnishing with a keen eye for interior excellence. Visit Grieser Interiors to see any of the beautiful furniture options we have in stock and learn more about to incorporate these fine options into your interior living space.